Coronado Non-Probate Estate Administration

Experienced Estate Planning Attorneys

Non-Probate estate administration is the process where an estate of a person is handled without probate. If you have been named the administrator or executive of an estate and are responsible for settling and administering it, you may need the help of a Coronado estate planning attorney.

We can help you with many non-probate administration tasks, such as:

  • Dispute resolution
  • Small estate succession
  • Income tax basis planning
  • Real property tax planning
  • Estate tax return preparation
  • Evaluating when trusteeship should be declined

This task can be a difficult one and we can provide you with the legal representation to assist and guide you. Contact us today at (619) 435-1858 to make an appointment for a consultation with a member of our team at Rose, Munns, & Chin.

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